Blockchain Computing

A blockchain is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions – that cannot be altered. Canada Blockchain Hosting Corp. has created one of Canada’s premiere high security blockchain computing networks supporting both public and private chains, suitable for highly regulated industries.


Canada Blockchain Hosting Corp. provides cryptocurrency agnostic mining, validation and audit services supporting Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Dash, Ripple (XRP), and other cryptocurrencies. Our distributed supercomputing infrastructure also supports AI training tasks and can dynamically schedule optimal profit loads.


Miners are needed to validate transactions on blockchain networks and private blockchains are no exception. They require trusted, secure and reliable mining power to function and secure their transactions. Canada Blockchain Hosting Corp. gives private blockchains significant, distributed and high security “mining as a service” – giving private chains a backbone that guarantees fast transactions every time. Excess mining capacity is seamlessly used to mine for rewards on an optimal mix of public chains…


Canada Blockchain Hosting Corp. is a premiere hosting environment that focuses on creating the optimal conditions specifically designed to support development, mining and validation of public and private blockchain and all their associated applications.

It's time to change the way you think about blockchain

Make the move to a blockchain, by utilizing the Canada Blockchain Hosting Corps . high security environment, we can help you make your ideas a reality

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The Focus

Private Blockchain

Bringing the same revolution in transparency and trust that has powered Bitcoin and Ethereum to heavily regulated industries. Private chains provide efficient and auditable solutions with customized levels of control and unique economic structures without involving untrusted parties or infrastructure. With the addition of custom token ecosystems and zero knowledge protocols we can provide almost any mix of trust and privacy required.

Profitable Diversified Mining

Our high security segmented networks allow using all our excess computing capacity and massive hashpower to mine today’s most profitable cryptocurrencies.  We continually adjust the mining mix to make sure we maximize our returns and add new coins all the time.

Raw Computing Power

The same infrastructure that powers our blockchain services can be used to accelerate AI calculations and run complex high performance research loads.   Mixing blockchain and AI frameworks uniquely positions us on the frontier of a vast new market that is just starting to evolve.

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Investor Relations

Canada Blockchain Hosting Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc.